Volunteer Opportunities For MPCA Members:

  • Provide toys and clothing at Christmas for the family of a Bunker Hill student.
  • Organize the annual Christmas/Holiday Social for MPCA members.
  • Maintain three neighborhood parks located with the MPCA neighborhood.
  • Participate in neighborhood civic activities which include picnics, parades, Brookland Day, park, neighborhood, and school campus clean up activities, and work with DC government agencies on community projects.
  • Work on the monthly MPCA newsletter.
  • Work with the police to improve safety in the MPCA neighborhood.
  • Serve as a MPCA representative at the Federation of DC Civic Associations.
  • Serve as a member of the MPCA executive committee.
  • Serve as a coordinator for one of the MPCA projects.
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Web Page Coordinator
  • Update MPCA Calendar
  • Mailing/delivery of Newsletters and Notices
  • Serve as a MPCA Block Captain
  • Attend 5 D Police Meeting as a MPCA Representative.
  • Attend ANC Meetings for MPCA.
  • Serve as a “Friend of Fort Bunker Hill Park”.