May 2012 Minutes

At 7:15 PM President Paul Wood opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Paul introduced the officers, members, and visitors.  Fourteen Twelve members were present.

Meeting Minutes: The minutes of the April meeting as written in the Newsletter were approved without amendment.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Beulah Sutherland read the Treasurer’s Report, which was submitted for audit.  Beulah read a note of thanks from Edna Manuel.  Ms. Manuel expressed her gratitude for the financial assistance given by the Association when her house caught fire and her intention to repay the gift over time.  She enclosed a check.

Announcements and Presentations:

1)  Paul reported that he, David Conrad, Roxanne Carter, Hayden Wetzel, and ANC Commissioner Tim Thomas attended the April 26 meeting of the Historic Preservation Review Board and testified in favor of Historic Status for the Bunker Hill School building.  The Board unanimously approved the application, citing the universal support of the neighborhood associations, school board, and ANC.  Historic status will apply only to the exterior of the original building and will not preclude any of the planned renovations or additions.

2)  It is reported that the Bunker Hill School will again become an elementary school; the Brookland School, either renovated or rebuilt, will become a middle school.  Members discussed whether the Association should “weigh in” on the Brookland middle school issue.

3)  Josh Burch of the BNCA DC Statehood Committee spoke about his committee’s efforts to organize a grassroots movement for DC Statehood.  The committee has held a “teach-in” and a Lobby Day on Capitol Hill.  Visiting the offices of 25 House Members, they secured 5 new cosponsors for H.R. 265, the New Columbia Admissions Act.  The Act would reduce the size of the District of Columbia to include only the principle federal monuments, the White House, Capitol, Supreme Court, federal executive, legislative, and judicial office buildings located adjacent to the Mall and the Capitol building, and certain military property.  The remainder of what is now the Federal District would become the state of New Columbia.  Mr. Burch encouraged members to lobby members of Congress, urging them to cosponsor the bill.  Mr. Burch invites MPCA members to contact him with any questions, to join the Statehood Committee, and to educate others about this statehood effort.

4)  Lavinia Wohlfart read the slate of candidates nominated for MPCA offices, as printed in the April minutes.  All candidates were approved unanimously.  They are:

President – Tom Lavash

1st Vice President – Ralph Bucksell

2nd Vice President – Roxanne Carter

Herald – James Watkins

Treasurer – Beulah Sutherland

Sergeant-at-Arms – Barbara Henderson

At-Large Executive Board Members – Frances McCannon, Anne Gribbin, Paul Wood, and Luz Maria Prieto

 Paul thanked the members of the Election Committee (Lavinia Wohlfarth, Joan Thiel, and Gwendolyn Means) for their work. The new officers will take up their duties at the June 5th meeting.

5)  Paul read the motion proposed by Gwendolyn Means at the April meeting.  Motion:  Amend the by-laws to add the office of Financial Secretary to assist the Treasurer.  The motion was approved unanimously.   Paul will add the amendment to the Constitution and provide Tom Lavash with a clean copy with appropriate signatures.

6)  The Nomination Committee nominated Don Looney for the new office of Financial Secretary.  Approved unanimously.

7)  Paul reported that he had not yet been able to schedule the Director of DDOT Terry Bellamy to come to an Association meeting.

8)  Tom Lavash reported that a portable speed camera was installed in the 4200 block of South Dakota Avenue a few days after the meeting with Lisa Sutter.

9)  Paul spoke to Jesse Saucedo about the use of funds generated by speed cameras, asking that Chairman Brown include full funding of the photo enforcement program in the budget.  Mr. Saucedo told Paul that he will look into it.

10)  Members agreed that there was not enough time to notify the community of the proposed potluck picnic at the park at 12th, Shepherd, and Michigan.  Therefore, the potluck will be rescheduled for the fall, and members will meet at the park from 9:00 to 11:00 am on May 5th to weed the flower beds.

11)  Paul encouraged members to look for grant sources to help with projects for the parks and signs.  Tom pointed out that the ANC gives $1000 grants for neighborhood projects.  Phil Blair will send Tom more information about the application process.  Tom will speak to ANC Commissioners John Feeley and Tim Thomas.

12)  Vinnie Wolfarth announced that Seth Oldmixon will present the first round of the MPCA website at the June meeting.  The website will begin as something very simple and be developed over time.  Members agreed that the website should allow online registration.

13)  Vinnie suggested that the Association define the duties of the Herald.  Paul suggested that we discuss the duties of the Herald and other officers over the summer and make a decision in the fall about whether and how the duties should be defined.  Members agreed that some jobs, such as Herald, may require the assistance of other members, and that the formation of separate committees may be a good idea.

14)  Members discussed ways in which Association funds can be kept separate from Friends of the Park funds.  Paul pointed out that the FOP agreement must be renewed every three years, and that a change in the agreement language might be possible at the next renewal, in 2013.

15)  Candidate for City Council Rae Zapata introduced herself and outlined her agenda:  quality education, job training, economic development, elder care, and family-centered services.

The Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Paul Wood, President; David Conrad, 1st Vice President; Roxanne Carter, 2nd Vice President; Beulah Sutherland, Treasurer; Anne Gribbon, Secretary; Ralph Bucksell, Herald; Gwendolyn Means, Sergeant-at-Arms; Barbara Henderson, Tom Lavash, Elizabeth McGowen, & Lavinia Wolfarth, Members-at-Large

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