Brookland/Michigan Park Ranked 17th Nationwide

The 20017 Zip Code (Brookland/Michigan Park) was named the 17th most competitive neighborhood NATIONWIDE for homebuyers (out of 30), based on various criteria, as illustrated below. ¬†What’s really striking is almost 70% received multiple offers and 33% sold above list price.

17. Brookland (Washington, D.C.)

Median Sale Price: $480,000
2014 Price Growth: 6.7%
Homes sold: 541
Days on Market: 12
Multiple Offers: 69.1%
Average Number of Offers: 3.1
Sold Above Asking: 33.0%
All Cash Offers: 15.5%

Six neighborhoods in the district were listed. The others included NoMa, Hill East, Capitol Hill, Cardoza and Petworth. Following is the link to the January 20, 2015 article:

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