December 2015 Minutes

Michigan Park Citizens Association
Regular Monthly Meeting
December 1, 2015
Wohlfarth Galleries

[The minutes are released by the MPCA Executive Board pending approval by the membership at large]

President Paul Wood opened the meeting at 7:15 pm.  November minutes were read and accepted.  The treasurer’s report was read by Treasurer Beulah Sutherland, no written copy was updated for this month.

Elizabeth McGowan, MPCA delegate to the Federation of Citizens Association, related that she had received documents related to the proposed Excelon/Pepco utility merger.  Elizabeth suggested and President Paul Wood agreed to posting the documents to the MPCA website.

Paul thanked Lavinia Wohlfarth for hosting MPCA December’s meeting and Christmas potluck at the Wohlfarth Galleries.  Lavinia graciously granted use of her business space on short notice. Providence Hospital experienced some flooding which caused the temporary relocation of the physical therapy clinic in our normal meeting place in Ross Auditorium for a minimum of 30 days. Hopefully, MPCA will be able to meet again in Ross Auditorium by the next meeting in February.  Staff members of EYA home builders were scheduled to speak at our December to discuss the considered development of the land surrounding Satin Joseph’s Seminary. They will instead present in February. ANC5A03Commissioner Adrian Jordan has also invited EYA representative for his scheduled meeting Thursday, 3 December.

The MPCA Executive Committee released a statement in November related to the planned development. The statement noted that MPCA will not take a position regarding the development until a specific proposal is made upon which the members may discuss and deliberate.  The Executive Committee also formed a subcommittee to gather information and inform MPCA membership about the intended development.  To goal is to have informed discussion and deliberation among members and neighbors.  Three neighbors agreed to donate their time to serve on the subcommittee – Catherine Sutherland, Lavinia Wohlfarth, and Sherrill Schultz.

Paul reported that misbehavoir of student from Brookland Middle School was a topic of discussion during the November meeting of ANC5B05 Commission John Feeley.  5D police representatives were present. Brookland Middle School falls within ANC5B05 and PSA 504. Police stated that they were unable to dedicate an officer to Turkey Thicket Recreational Facility as had been done before due to officer shortages.  John Feeley noted that the school was forming a Parents Association to involve more parents in the school. Both MPD officers and Brookland Middle School Principal will be present at the December ANC5B05 meeting to discuss further.

Members agreed that $300 was appropriate for the purchase of gifts for students from a needy family in Bunker Hill Elementary.  The students and family will be identified by the school principal. Roxanne Carter is coordinating the gifts with school Principal Kara Kuchemba.

Jamie Vargas, owner of San Antonio’s Bar and Grill on 12th Street, successfully obtained the permits necessary for sidewalk seating. MPCA has supported this effort. The seating will be in place in Spring of 2016.

Queens Chapel Civic Association will publish an article of recent featuring the two neighborhood associations.

The meeting was adjourned and members enjoyed the Christmas Potluck

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