April 2016 Minutes

Michigan Park Citizens Association
April 5, 2016
Ross Auditorium, Providence Hospital

Meeting began at 7:18pm.
Vice President, Roxanne Carter, led with Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes for the March meeting were read by David Conrad. One correction to the minutes noted was the date of the meeting recently held with Chief Cathy Lanier. The correct meeting date was March 24, 2016. The March meeting minutes were approved.

No Treasurer’s report was provided due to the absence of the treasurer.

Old Business:

  1. EYA development: Don Looney contacted Tai Meah (Senior Legislative Counsel)regarding the redevelopment of the Josephites property. Mr. Looney stated that he believed Ms. Meah was misinformed because she indicated that she thought the ‘deal was done’, however, until the zoning process is complete, the deal is not complete.  Mr. Looney also indicated that ‘word on the street’ is that Mayor Bowser wants the deal completed and that Councilman McDuffie is not willing to publicly oppose the development.
  2. Spigot at park: David Conrad stated that there is possible funding for this project from the Greater Brookland Garden Club. Approximately $2000 is needed to complete the project and we should contact GBGC for assistance. He indicated that Mary Pat Rowan (GBGC) and Jeff Feeley (ANC5B05) may be able to contribute funds to the project. Ralph Bucksell will make a formal request to contribute funds. Per Ralph B, Jeff Feeley has a total of $500 of ‘excess’ funds to contribute. There was also a recommendation from the floor to possibly ask Ursula for funding as well since it benefits both communities. David Conrad will confirm the dollars needed for the project. And he also stated that he has received no response or communications from DPR or McDuffie’s rep (Diamond Wade). The Association should also draft a letter addressed to McDuffie’s office, Vincent Orange and David Grasso.
  3. Joint Meeting with Queens Chapel Civic Association and Chief Cathy Lanier: Roxanne reported that the meeting with Chief Lanier went well and was well attended by both civic associations. School security and recent neighborhood crime were addressed. There is an increased police presence at the schools since the joint meeting.

New Business:

  1. Nominating Committee provided the slate for 2016.
    1. President: David Conrad
1st VP: Roxanne Carter
2nd VP: Don Looney
Secretary/Membership: Paul Wood
Treasurer: Beulah Sutherland
At Large: Barbara Henderson, Anne Gribbins, Ralph Bucksell, 1 open seat
    7. Sergeant at arms: Open
    8. Herald: Open

The Association needs to review the bylaws for any changes to titles and positions such as the joint position of Secretary and Membership chair. The nominating committee will meet before the May general meeting.

  1. Bunker Hill E.S. community fair to be held on April 30th from 1pm to 4pm. One of the counselors at the school (Linda Davis) asked for the association’s participation at the event. The purpose of this event is to inform parents about community organizations and neighborhood groups. It was approved that the association would participate and send volunteers to the event.
  2. Federation Report: Elizabeth McGowan reported that the last meeting was held on March 22nd. Dorothy Brazil was a speaker and indicated concern about the Board of Elections, specifically that the board is in flux and not all members have the credentials to do the work. There is much concern about the upcoming June 14th primary elections and she wanted to alert all civic associations. There is anxiety that DC officials are not prepared with adequate facilities, supplies and resource support for the elections.
  3. EYA property development: Vinnie Wolfarth reported that Paul asked for a taskforce for EYA and that EYA is waiting for comments from neighbors and residents on the development. EYA is submitting its 1st plan to zoning on May 1st. Approximately 95‐110 homes are currently planned. There is an opportunity to request to keep the development to north of Webster Street. Vinnie met with an architectural historian for a DC law firm to show the updated documents. Vinnie is soliciting as many comments as possible on the EYA development and wants to submit comments to the EYA task force before the May 1st zoning meeting. There was a recommendation from the floor that Paul send an email to all association members to request their feedback and comments on the EYA development by April 8th.
  4. San Antonio Grill. The Association had previously voted and approved support for outside liquor services for San Antonio Grill. This was brought to the membership body again and was reaffirmed and approved. Ralph B. will draft a letter of support that will be signed by Paul.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm

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