MPCA Minutes January

Michigan Park Citizens Association
12 January 2017
Lamond-Riggs Neighborhood Library

Members gathered at a special meeting at Lamond-Riggs Neighborhood Library to review and vote on the association’s position to inform our position and testimony on the proposed development of the property surrounding the Saint Josephs Seminary, 1400 Barnum Street NE.

President David Conrad opened the meeting at 07:05 pm and first addressed some routine business. Roxanne Carter reported on her efforts on behalf the Association to support a needy family identified by the Principal of Bunker Hill Elementary during Christmas. This year, a family of four children, three boys and one girl, was selected. Ms. Carter accompanied the mother to Walmart where they selected clothing and one toy per child. As the family just moved into a new apartment, the mother also was able to procure new bed sheets for all the children. Roxanne noted that the mother was deeply touched. A total of $314.16, tax included, as spent.

President Conrad related that a joint meeting was sponsored by Queens Chapel Civic Association and Michigan Park Citizens Association at the Union Wesley AME Zion Church, 1860 Michigan Ave NE, on Monday, January 9, 2017. Ms. Ann E. Chisholm, Government Relations Officer for the District of Columbia and Officer Tomika M. Holmes, Metro Transit Police Department, were present and answered members questions.

Mr. Ralph Bucksell noted that the city has changed the street lighting of several blocks in our neighborhood to 4,000 Kelvin LED lighting.  LED lighting provides greater light with less cost than conventional lightning and the city is testing the lighting to help deter crime. However, he noted that the AMA recently issued a report that the 4,000 Kelvin LED lighting can have negative impact on people, animals, birds, and trees.  The AMA recommends that LED street lighting should not exceed 3,000 Kelvins.  Several cities (Phoenix and Los Angeles) who had put in 4,000 Kelvin LED lights are now replacing them with 2,700 Kelvin LED lights.  The 2,700 LED light provides the about the same amount of lighting as the 4,000 Kelvin LED light but the light from the 2,700 Kelvin lights provides a different hue which does not negatively impact people, animals, or trees as the 4,000 Kelvin LED lights. 

Should residents wish to view the new 4,000 Kelvin LED lights in our neighborhood, Mr. Bucksell suggests that if they go to Monroe and 15th Streets NE (Monroe going towards South Dakota Avenue).  Take a right onto 15th Street and travel north on 15th Street towards Rhode Island Avenue.  You will note that the lights illuminate the blocks that they are on so that it appears to be daylight.  Please make the trip after dark and drive until you pass under all of the high intensity lights.  We have found that the lights cause eye pain that lingers for a short time.  Try it, and see if what you experience.  Mr. Bucksell notes that several ANCs in the city where the lights have been place are asking to remove them and replace with the lower Kelvin lighting.

President Conrad presented a written, draft proposal to members. The proposed was reviewed and discussed. A motion was moved to accept the position with changes. Motion was passed (posted February 2, 2017).

Mr. Conrad thanked all in attendance for their participation and adjourned the meeting at 08:35 pm.

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