MPCA Minutes September 2018

Michigan Park Citizens Association
September 3, 2018
Turkey Thicket Recreational Center

President Ralph Bucksell opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. The minutes of the last meeting in June, 2018 were read and approved. Treasurer Beulah Sutherland submitted the treasurer’s report.

Upcoming Dates.

  1. Fall Shepard Park Cleanup scheduled November 3, 2018 at 9:00 a.m.
  2. Annual Holiday/Christmas Party, exact date and location pending.
  3. January Meeting scheduling for a Saturday Morning to accommodate members who cannot attend weekday meetings.  Date to be announced after a location is confirmed for the meeting.

Review of Assignments

  1. MPCA Sponsors. Joan Theil requests help with putting ads on MPCA webpage for received business donations.
  2. On-Line Payments. Asked for someone to take responsibility to oversee the payment of dues online.
  3. MPCA Web Page.  Looking for someone to lead the webpage redesign (non-members speaking & emails).
  4. Bunker Hill Elementary School. Reconfirm continuation of Christmas program.  Dropped Civic Awards program.
  5. Water Feature Shepherd Park. Paul Wood contacted Councilmember McDuffie’s office for an update.
  6. Howard University Development near Shepherd and 14th Per contact with ANC 5B05 John Feeley, Howard has not finalized any proposals.
  7. Meeting Attendance on-line.  Attendees voted against having MPCA meeting online using Facebook at $350/year.
  8. Family events. No determination

Traffic issues

Concerns that members would like to raise this year to DDOT/the police/the mayor/Ward 5 & At-large council members.  Plan a combined meeting with Mayor, Police, DDOT, McDuffie & other local civic associations.

  1. Use of side streets & alleys by cars and trucks as major though-fares;
  2. Blocking of intersections during rush hours;
  3. Brookland Middle School blocking school driveway forcing parents to use Shepherd Street mornings & afternoons.
  4. Trucks in excess of 11/4 tons driving on streets where they are prohibited;
  5. Various Metro Bus Issues.

Providence Hospital Proposed Health Village

Providence Hospital has been asking neighbors to provide suggestions to help them develop a “health care village”.  Some of the suggestions that have been provided are noted below.  Members are asked to send any additional suggestions to Ralph Bucksell at:

1)  Invite Planet Fitness to install a gym on the PH campus.  They charge $10/month.  Good addition for a wellness center.
2)  Keep open and advertise the hospital cafeteria to provide quality, healthy meals for neighborhood residents.
3)  Have yoga, and other exercise classes (dancing, spinning, fitness, weight watchers) for neighborhood residents.
4)  Provide classes on planning healthy meals.
5)  Have in-wellness center and in-home hospice care.
6)  Provide AA and Addicts Anonymous programs.
7)  Urgent care and non emergency care programs for walk-ins.
8)  Ask Yes or some other grocery chain to establish a presence on the hospital campus.
9)  Have classes on medical issue (advance care directive, trusts, meditation, mental health counseling, sleep classes, shots, etc…)
10) Provide shots for shingle, measles, hepatitis A & B, overseas travel, etc…
11) Provide tutoring programs for elementary, middle, and high school students using students from local high schools, colleges, and retirees.
12) Establish day care programs for children, seniors, and Alzheimer patients.
13) Establish clinics where patients can come in for minor in-and-out surgery (e.g. cataract).
13) Massage & physical therapy programs.
14) Pharmacy services.
15) Training for clergy and families on caring for the sick, death and dying.
16) Set up a volunteer program to provide help for single outpatients who need help with groceries, meds, etc…

Lionell Gaines, the former Mayor Ward 5 representative, announced that he is working for another DC office.  He then introduced the two people who will serve as his replacements (Dominique Chestnut, and Malik Miller).  Both were welcomed to the meeting.

Ogo Aqwai, CM McDuffie’s representative for MPCA, announced that the MPCA request for funding for the Shepherd and 12th Street park water faucet was put in the 2018-2019 fiscal year budget.  The funds would probably be available sometime after November 2018.

President Bucksell brought the meeting to a close.



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