MPCA Minutes February 2019

Michigan Park Citizens Association
5 February 2019
Turkey Thicket Recreational Center

President Ralph Bucksell opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance at 6:31 pm.

The 5A03 Single Member Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC) announced that at her upcoming  district meeting on Thursday at Faith United Church in Christ. the following issues would discussed:  (1) Two representatives from Ascension will provide an update for Providence Hospital plans.  (2) EYA were invited to the meeting but will not be participating because of pending lawsuit.  (3) Harry Thomas to provide an update on the McDonalds project on South Dakota Avenue.  (4)  Washington Gas will discuss the problem in the 5A03 neighborhood resulting in loss of gas service.  (5) MPD to address attack of a mail carrier.
Ms. Beulah Sutherland gave the treasurer’s report for the months of December 2018 and January 2019. The Christmas Fund covered all expenses for the 2018 purchases.
Ms. Oqo Aqwai announced Councilman McDuffie’s office wants residents to participate in the budget process.  She related that the Councilman’s office has experienced problems obtaining funding for park water faucet because of DPR leadership changeover. He is now looking at other options to obtain the funding for the faucet rather than the normal budget cycle.
Ms. Robin Pretlow, Director of Operations from Mundo Verde Public Charter School (on Varnum Street) made a presentation.  She is the Development director for the school campus.  The school will open in August 2019 and increase by 85 students per year. A traffic study will be completed and shared with residents.  Mr. Bucksell elaborated on some of the traffic challenges in the neighborhood.  Mr. Bucksell suggested contracting with local parking garage at the metro in addition to their plans to obtain parking at Providence.  He pointed out that Providence might not be willing to provide parking when they begin their redevelopment of their campus.  A discussion ensued about dangerous traffic issues and difficulties resolving the traffic issues by the school’s campus. The school also face challenges finding a recreation area in the school’s vicinity.
Ms. Roxanne Carter obtained gifts of toys and clothes for five children from three families attending Bunker Hill School.  The children were suggested by the school.  Mr. Bucksell expressed gratitude for the outstanding job done by Ms. Carter in providing gifts for the five children within our budget.
The Muller family has offered to host the annual picnic.
Mr. Bucksell expressed concern about some negative effects of the City’s Climate Change Bill.  For example, under the law used cars will be taxed based upon mileage when registered beginning in 2020.  He was concerned that the city had not adequately advertised this change which could have a negative impact on people buying used vehicles (especially the poor).
Mr. Bucksell reviewed the results of December neighborhood traffic issues survey. Among the identified issues were over-weight vehicle, congestion, and speeding.  Mr Bucksell noted in particular that heavy vehicles are undermining the structural integrity of residences.  He also discussed the multiple vehicle crash at 13th & Michigan Avenue.  The police chased two men who assaulted and robbed a victim in Turkey Thicket.
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