MPCA Minutes 2 OCT 2019

Michigan Park Citizens Association
2 October 2019
Turkey Thicket Recreational Center

The meeting began at 6:51 with the Pledge of Allegiance.

President Ralph Bucksell welcomed everyone back after the summer break, the last meeting having been in May, and announced the election results for 2019-2020.

President: Ralph Bucksell, 1st Vice President Roxanne Carter, 2nd Vice President Joan Theil, Secretary Paul Wood, Treasury Beulah Sutherland, Sergeant-at-Arms Katherine Sutherland, Members-at-Large, Ann Gribbin, Don Looney, Karen Bernola, and Lavinia Wohlfarth.

Providence Urgent Care Center.  President Bucksell talked about the recent transition of Providence Hospital to an urgent care center with the outpatient services remaining open.  He also noted the number one expressed wish of residents for the facility is a gymnasium.

TRIANGLE PARK (Michigan Avenue/12th Street, Shepherd St NE).  Don and Elizabeth Looney had trimmed the bushes back in the summer. Paul Wood after some effort ensure the cuttings were picked up by DPW. The weeds were getting out of hand around the bus stop and Ingrid Wood stopped by a few times to weed.  Ralph and Ingrid picked up a donation of plants from DPR for Fall planting.  Members agreed to a work morning on Saturday, 26 October.  Ralph will coordinate for support from a youth group. Focus of the morning will be weeding and planting.

TRAFFIC.  Mr. David Conrad noted the police do not record all accidents, only those with injuries.  As a result, a recent traffic study done by DDOT on his street of Upshur likely downplayed the true dangers of speeding by motorists.  President Bucksell stated he would ask the District Captain about the accident data. Ralph noted his long list of traffic issues.  Ms. Ogochukwu Aqwai, representative for Councilmember McDuffie, stated that the beginning of the budget year was the best time for the Councilmember to question DDOT, or any agency, about issues, as they had to testify in support of next year’s budget.

DISTRICT SMALL BUSINESSES.  Neighbors questioned the City’s support of small business with rising property tases. Ms. Aqwai noted two initiatives of Councilmember McDuffie to support small businesses – the Protecting Local Area Commercial Enterprises of 2019 and The Independent Compliance Office Establishment Act of 2019. 

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