COVID 19 Vaccine Update

Coronavirus Virus Vaccine Update 
Ralph Bucksell submits the following information on DC’s Coronavirus Vaccine Preregistration for Seniors 65 & Older

The mayor has published on the internet the city’s plans to deal with the coronavirus.  Members can find the city’s plans to attack the virus and her proposed scheduled to vaccinate our citizens who work and/or live in DC.  The complete discussion may be found at the following web address:

The mayor’s web page has been updated to include the mayor’s initial proposed schedule for vaccinating DC residents and essential employees.  Currently, the city is vaccinating only people who work in the medical field.  Starting next week her schedule proposes that citizens 65 and older begin receiving their vaccines.  (Anita Bonds has published an announcement in her newsletter today).  However, the mayor has not announced that the vaccinations will actually begin at that time.  That said, the mayor has posted on her coronavirus web page that citizens 65 and older may preregister for receiving the vaccine.  This will allow the city to contact the seniors directly as soon as they will expand vaccinations to senior citizens.  
I have posted the web page instructions on how to preregister to receive the vaccine by clicking on their link below.  Please note that you will need to put your email address or mobile cell phone number so that you can receive instructions from the city on receiving your vaccinations.  Ms. Bonds encourages seniors to preregister as soon as possible so that the city might be able to figure out the best neighborhood locations to distribute the vaccines.
I will continue to check the mayor’s web page daily to keep everyone updated on when all can receive their vaccines.  Note:  I have included the section of the web page below that includes the links to the various discussions.
Copy this website to visit the mayor’s full Coronavirus web page:
Click on or copy this link to preregister:   the vaccine and DC’s distribution plan,
Below is a section of the web page giving you links to the various sections that may interest you.  If they do not work for you, please go the mayor’s web site and click on the link that interest you.
The DC Government urges you to help flatten the curve :
  • Practice social distancing
  • Wear a mask or face covering
  • Wash your hands
  • Stay home if you feel sick
On this site, we also have have information on the vaccine and DC’s distribution plansignage for your hometesting resourceshelp with utilitiesfood resourceshealth guidanceresources for businesses and individualsoperating status of DC Government, and more. Please bookmark and share this portal with your community
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