Triangle Park Spring Cleanup

Neighbors and members of the Michigan Citizens Association gathered for Spring cleanup of the triangle park, Michigan Ave/12th St/Shephard St. Neighbors were joined by Metropolitan Police Department Officers Theodore Gay and Lacey Wilkins, who were very helpful. Several bags of debris and litter were removed. A table was set up on the old cobblestones in the center of the park around which neighbors enjoyed coffee and refreshments during the morning’s efforts.  Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) representative Katie Reinwaldt walked through the park with MPCA President Tom Lavash and MPCA member Paul Wood. They discussed accessing a nearby water line for use in watering plants and newly planted trees in the park, a long term goal of MPCA. MPCA became a park partner with DPR sharing responsibilities for the care and maintenance of the triangle park in June 2011.

The first MPCA sponsored tree planting funded by Casey Trees was held at this park on May 1, 2010.  A total of ten trees were planted and included three Tupelo (Black Gum), three Serviceberries and one each Silver Linden, Southern Magnolia, Japanese Cryptomeria, Red Maple, and Japanese Maple.  All of the tress planted in 2010 are thriving.

Pictured are several of the neighbors who had participated in today’s park cleanup.

Triangle Park 12th & Michigan

Neighbors pictured L to R – Christine, Tom, Elizabeth, Don, Ingrid & Officer Wilkins

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