June 2015 Meeting

Michigan Park Citizens Association
Regular Monthly Meeting
June 2, 2015
Providence Hospital

The following minutes were approved during the September 1, 2015 meeting of the MPCA.

President Paul Wood opened the meeting at 7:10 with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.  Treasurer Beulah Sutherland read the treasurer’s report. The May minutes were read and accepted with one correction.

Paul Wood noted that he had submitted the quarterly report to Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) for the triangle park 12th/Michigan/Shepherd. He reported that an estimated fifteen hours of trash pick up by five people from January through March 2015. This report did not include the Spring Cleanup since that was in April.

David Conrad, who has taken the lead to obtain a water meter in the park, reported on our progress.  The Department of Costumer Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) required a back flow preventer to guard against contamination of the main water line and a permit.  We are now working toward obtaining three estimates for the work which would include the back flow preventer, a meter pit, and installation. An insurance statement is also required for the donation to DPR. Since this meeting is the last before the summer break, David requested that members approve an expenditure up to $1500.00 for the costs. If the final cost were to exceed $1500. the members would have to be consulted at the next meeting in the Fall.

Ms. Katherine Sutherland made the motion that the association obtain cost estimates from three separate plumbers for the described work and approve up to $1500. for the cost of the purchase and installation of the backflow preventer and water meter. The motion was seconded and approved.

Ms. Elizabeth McGowan reported her attendance at the D.C. Federation of Citizens Associations. Mr. James Pittman, Director of Legislative Affairs, Office of Attorney General for the District of Columbia, spoke about the involvement OGA involvement in development projects. OGA will be taking a greater oversight role and many projects will require their approval. President Wood and Ms. McGowan extended an invitation to Mr. Pittman to describe more fully the role of OGA in development during our September meeting.

Laisha T. Doughtery, constituent services coordinator for Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie, circulated the latest Ward 5 newsletter covering legislative and committee updates. In response to questions from President Wood, she said she would check on: 1) if money for the noise abatement wall scheduled to be built on Puerto Rico Avenue has funding in this year’s city budget 2) if a sidewalk cafe has been approved for the San Antonio Grill on 12th Street 3) if the funding for the Ward 5 clean teams included the 12th Street NE business corridor.

Select members of the North Michigan Park Civic Association attended the meeting and expressed similar concerns about development. Increased traffic along 12th and 13th Streets is of mutual concern. The advantages and importance of coordination between the two neighborhood associations was discussed. The two neighborhoods are adjacent to one another and the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners (ANC) areas of responsibility cross the neighborhoods.

VP Roxanne Carter suggested that the association man a table during the Hospital of Sick Children’s (HSC) June fair in Michigan Park. President Wood will confirm the event date and apply for a table. Roxanne and David Conrad volunteered to man the table for a few hours each. Paul will arrange a schedule for all who wish to sign up. Roxanne suggested we bring photos of past events, which Paul thought we could pull off our website. Members also discussed options to obtain a banner for the association.

The meeting adjourned at 08:45.

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