MPCA Minutes September

Michigan Park Citizens Association
5 September 2017
Turkey Thicket Recreational Center

The meeting began at 6:33 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  President David Conrad introduced the evening’s main speakers, Laura Popielski, Community Foodworks and Robert Oliver, Lamond-Riggs Library Friends.

Ms. Popielski emphasized three main points. Community Foodworks manages and overseas many of the local farmer markets, to include the Monroe Street Market, which  will continue until early December. Community Foodworks markets Community Supported Agriculture whereby individuals may purchase through subscription a mix of produce from local farmers. Through this program, varied prices levels are offered. Lastly, Community Foodworks sponsors Food Pop-Ups to allow organizations to purchase wholesale from new and growing businesses. Additionally. Ms. Popielski emphasized various incentive programs for the purchase of food at farmer’s markets to include senior checks and food stamps. For more information, please see the organization’s website,

Mr. Robert Oliver, President of the newly revitalized Lamond-Riggs Library Friends, spoke about the planned renovation of the library. This renovation will be a complete tear-down and reconstruction on the current site. Mr. Oliver and members of the Friends want to ensure the immediate community has input into the developmental plans for the new library. Toward that end, Mr. Oliver is visiting the affected neighborhood associations. The Friends established an on-survey survey to solicit input. The survey will be closed after September 20, 2017, so Mr. Oliver will forward the URL for immediate posting on the MPCA’s website. A paper copy of the survey was also handed out to members, though on-line submission is much preferred.

President Conrad reviewed the many planned developments along 12th Street and Varnum Streets NE. These include the EYA development of the Saint Josephs Seminary grounds; the Bozzuto development of the Providence Hospital property at the top of Varnum Street; the planned expansion of Munda Verde Public Charter School into the vacant building, 4401 8th Street NE; and the transition of Providence Hospital into a mixed use “health village,” recently reported in the Washington Business Journal. No details are yet available about the future of the hospital, but Providence Hospital is closing obstetrics and behavioral health, the two most expensive departments.  In the background of these developments is the re-writing of the city’s comprehensive plan. Mr. Steve Lowe gave an update on Mundo Verde. The school board approved the school’s plans to establish a second campus at the site; however, as David noted, the planned renovation to accommodate a larger student body would still have to meet zoning requirements. Mr. Lowe also noted that the school’s parents were not in favor of opening a second campus because they believed the school did not have the resources for such growth. Their opposition only delayed the date of the school’s expansion plans.

Ms. Beulah Sutherland read the treasurer’s report into the minutes.

Bunker Hill Elementary will host a back-to-school night on September 13, 6-7 p.m.

Mr. Lorenzo Wheatley noted a difficulty in the lights at the intersection of Michigan/13th Street/Taylor St. When turning left from Michigan onto 13th Street, there is no room or space to turn on a green light, after the green arrow light ends. He recommended a red arrow light to preclude left hand turns on green only. Mr. Bucksell noted that the Brookland Livability Study had included this intersection and recommended improvements, to include HAWK signals for pedestrians, though no action has been taken.

Mr. Lionel Gaines from the Mayor’s office and Mr. Cyril Crocker, filling in for Marita Riddick, from Councilmember McDuffie’s office, made various announcements.

The meeting ended at 8:25 p.m.

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