MPCA Minutes October 2017

Michigan Park Citizens Association
3 October 2017
Turkey Thicket Recreational Center

President David Conrad opened the meeting and Mr. Paul Wood led the attendees in the pledge of the allegiance.  No change was made to the treasurer’s report since last month.

CIRCLE PARKS. Mr. Scott Einberger, author of A History of Rock Creek Park: Wilderness and Washington, DC (2014), visit was postponed to November. Mr. Einberger has offered to speak about the history of the circle park of which Bunker Hill and Fort Totten are two.

WASHINGTON POST. Washington Post reported Audrey E. Hoffer interviewed President Conrad and ANC Representative John Feeley about the neighborhood for planned article.

FEDERATION NEWS. Ms. Elizabeth McGowan, MPCA representative to the D.C. Federation of Citizens Association, spoke of items of interest from the Federation’s September meeting. The Federation’s annual Christmas luncheon will be held at the Dacor Bacon House. An event leaflet is soon expected. River Terrace brought to the attention of the Federation their lack of access to public facilities due to the city’s requirement for civic organizations to pay for their own security while using public buildings. This problem caused our own association to move meetings from Bunker Hill Elementary to first Providence Hospital and now Turkey Thicket Recreational Center. As a result of River Terrace and the Federation’s advocacy, the Amendment Act of the Budget Support Act of 2017 would permanently drop this requirement for established neighborhood associations. This news is well received as the Michigan Park Citizens Association not only met at the Bunker Hill, 1400 Michigan Avenue NE, since the school opened around 1940, but also had strongly advocated for its construction.

BUNKER HILL. Also regarding Bunker Hill Elementary School, the association received a letter of thank and certificate from Principal Kara Kuchemba for the continued support of the students and school sponsored events.

HOWARD UNIVERSITY. President Conrad, recently in contact with Howard University, spoke about the planned development of the divinity school and property. The Urban Land Institute had conducted a study last year proposed a modest plan with new construction buffered from the neighborhood and a senior residence. However, there are as yet no specific plans.  Howard has issued a request for proposals from developers and will select a master developer.

BAZZUTO. Mr. Bobby Bird, who has been the developer’s representative to the association, informed President Conrad that he will be leaving Bazzuto. The association will, therefore, receive a new representative from Bazzuto regarding the proposed development at the top of Varnum Street NE.

TRAFFIC. President Conrad asked Mr. Lionel Gaines, representative of Mayor Bowser, and Ms. Marita Riddick, representative of Councilmember McDuffie, how best to engage with DDOT regarding traffic concerns. They identified Tijon Jones and Colleen Willger are the Ward 5 planners.

Ms. Riddick emphasized the importance of logging concerns into the Mayor’s Call Center, 311, before calling Councilmember McDuffie’s office or any representative. Councilmember McDuffie and his staff may more effectively assist neighbors if there exists a record of a neighbor’s complaint. They will also look into complaints of tickets closed without resolution.

Ms. Riddick and Mr. Gains made various announcements and passed out related leaflets for neighbors.

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