MPCA Minutes 3 April 2018

Michigan Park Citizens Association
April 4, 2018
Turkey Thicket Recreational Center

President David Conrad opened the meeting at 6:37 PM. Paul Wood led members in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ms. Beulah Sutherland read the treasurer’s report.

D.C. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN. David reviewed ongoing MPCA responses to the draft D.C. Comprehensive Plan (CP). These actions included 1) a letter emphasizing the improvement of public open spaces, 2) endorsement of ANC 5B05 John Feeley’s comments and 3) co-signatory of a letter authorized by the Brookland Civic Association.  The D.C. Council is aware of the public’s scrutiny. Ms. Elizabeth McGowan attends meeting of the D.C. Federation of Citizens Association on behalf of Michigan Park Citizens Association. The CP is a constant topic at the Federation’s meetings.

 D.C. DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS. Ms. Darlett Salley, Solid Waste Inspector, discussed solid waste disposal and made the following points.

1. The city is receiving many calls about trash and recycle receptacles left curbside for lengthy periods. Beginning in November, 2018, DC Public Works will enforce curbside and alley restrictions on receptacles. The hours allowed for display of trash and recyclables are 6:30 pm the day before scheduled pick-up and 8:00 pm the day of pick-up. Residents will receive a one time notification of violations and a $75.00 ticket for second violation.

2. Leaves are only picked up in season.  Outside of the Fall scheduled pick-ups, residents may call 311. In both cases, leaves should be left in the tree boxes or stored in approved leaf bags curbside. Leaves are not collected from the alleys.

3. Bulk Pickups. Residents may call 311 to schedule a bulk pick-up for no more than seven items.

4. Complaints. Should trash or recyclables not be picked up during their scheduled time, residents should call 311 and report it to 202-576-9004. Ask for Mr. Earl Simpson or Administrator David Harrison.

5. Hardship Collection. Elderly residents may apply for their trash and recycling containers to be picked up from their property, to alleviate them bringing the containers to the curb or alley.

6. Electronic Disposal. Beginning January 1, 2018, all electronics will be banned from the trash. They may be dropped off at the Fort Totten Transfer Station the first Monday of every month.

WARD 5 COUNCILMEMBER MCDUFFIE.  Mr. Kenyan McDuffie visited the association. The D.C. budget process has begun. The budget is 14.5 billion dollars, of which 7.8 billion is raised locally. The reminder is received from the Federal Government. The budget is one of the council members top three priorities, the other two being affordability and development. I response to members’ questions.

1. The D.C. Zoning Board is separate from the Comprehensive Plan, and the council may not pass legislation guiding the board, which is included in the Congressional Charter. The CP does inform the Zoning Commission.

2. The council member is pursuing legislation called the District Opportunity to Purchase Act (DOPA). This would allow the city first rights to purchase land for the city’s benefit, i.e. open spaces.

3. The council member will look into the loss of the $3,000 Senior Citizen deduction.

4. The council member committed himself to assist the association procure water access at the neighborhood triangle park, 12th/Michigan/Shepherd.

The Nomination Committee was formed with members Paul Wood, Ralph  Bucksell, and Karen Bernola.

ANNUAL PARK CLEANUP. The annual park cleanup at 12th/Michigan/Shepherd is Saturday, 28 April 2018, at 9:00 am.

The meeting closed at 8:05 pm.

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