Park Cleanup 5 May 2018

L to R: Bill and Anne Gribbon, Ralph Bucksell, Elizabeth McGowen, Lionell Gaines, Don Looney, Paul Wood.
And seated are Joan Theil and Sean Williams.

Saturday morning brought a group of neighbors together for the annual Spring cleanup of our neighborhood triangle park, 12th Street/Michigan Avenue/Shepherd Street.  DPW sent small dump truck promptly at 8a.m. to deliver compost, and DPW was equally diligent picking up the bagged debris and tree cuttings at day’s end.

DPW Compost Delivery

DPW Compost Delivery

Efforts focused on the area along the 12th Street bus-stop and the flower bed near Michigan and Shepherd. However, all of the trees received compost. With all of the progress of past years near the formerly overgrown bus-stop, neighbors were able to focus on the evergreen trees and bushes, also toward the corner of Michigan and Shepherd.  Much of the undergrowth was raked out and bagged.

Spreading Compost after DPW Delivery

Park Cleanup 2018


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