Tuition Assistance Program For Low and Moderate DC Residents

Tuition Assistance Program For Low and Moderate DC Residents

DC Futures. DC Futures gives low-to-moderate income DC residents the opportunity to apply for up to $8,000 to either start or complete their first associate or bachelor’s degree. In addition to tuition assistance, the program also provides a $1,500 stipend for books, travel, and other expenses as well as provide academic support and counseling.

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Students can attend one of three DC schools: Catholic University of America, Trinity College, University of DC and University of DC junior college.

We have included the income limit charts below. Note that participation in the program is not limited to high school students. However, family income of parents only extends to students up to 24 years old. Adults 24 years old and older family income will be based on their own.

Income limits are below

Income limits are stated below: Your household income aligns with the table below. For families/households with more than eight persons, add $18,160 for each additional person. Please reference the checklist on page 6 of the handbook to understand the documents you will need to provide in order to demonstrate your eligibility.

Household Size Maximum Household Income
3 or fewer $100,000
4 $106,000
5 $124,160
6 $142,160
7 $160,480
8 $178,640

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