Fireworks Safety

Fireworks FAQs for Safe Fourth of July Weekend

We hope everyone has a fun and relaxing but most importantly a safe Fourth of July weekend. To that end, below are some helpful links from MPD and FEMS.  Please share to help get the word out and hopefully reduce the chance of any serious injuries or property damage. 

If you experience illegal fireworks in your community please call 911 for any urgent safety matters and DC Fire Marshall at 202-727-1600 for immediate action. 

And if you know of a specific location that has had illegal fireworks in previous years you can alert your PSA (Police Service Area) Captain w cc to Vito Maggiolo of FEMS ( to the location for situational awareness. Just use the PSA locator link below to input your home address to identify the PSA for your area and then go to the MPD link below to look up the PSA to find the Commander, Captain and Lieutenants who head up the enforcement for your area. 

As a reminder, as MPD describes it…any fireworks in the hands of non professionals (and not permitted) that go whiz boom or bang are illegal in the District of Columbia. Better to be safe and enjoy the professional fireworks show from a comfortable safe location.

PSA Lookup:

MPD 3D Roster:

MPD 4D Roster:

MPD 5D Roster:

Also, as a reminder the District has a camera rebate program (rebate up to $500 for residential properties and $750 for commercial). Consider installing cameras on front, side and rear of your property to help prevent and fight crime. The cameras can be helpful in identifying perpetrators of illegal fireworks as well.

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