DC Mayor’s 5pm Tele-TownHall

Please join if you are able…..today Mayor Bowser announced the plan to lift the Stay At Home order this Friday 5/29.

Today, at 5:00PM, Mayor Bowser will host a Community Leader TeleTownhall on Coronavirushttps://bit.ly/CommunityCall527

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE – Data as of last report, May 25
Total Overall Tested: 42,055*
Total Number of DC Residents Tested: 35,262*
Number of DC’s overall positive cases: 8,334
Change from last report: +109
Lives lost: 440
Change from last report: +0
Number of DCPS meals distributed for all students: 11,562
Number of Senior meals distributed and delivered: 1,050
Number of total views of #FitDC Seniors show from Mayor’s social media platforms: 3,475
Number of total views of #FitDC Kids show from Mayor’s social media platforms: 1,568
*All Data are preliminary and are subject to change based on additional reporting.
Visit coronavirus.dc.gov/data for interactive data dashboards or to download COVID-19 data.​
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Online Survey for ReOpenDC

April 28, 2020
LaToya Foster (EOM) – (202) 727-5011; latoya.foster@dc.gov
Mayor Bowser Launches Online Survey for ReOpenDC
Residents, Workers & Employers Can Also Provide Feedback at a Virtual Town Hall on Wednesday at 5 pm
(WASHINGTON, DC) – After launching the ReOpenDC Advisory Group, Mayor Muriel Bowser is seeking feedback from District residents, workers, and employers through an online survey and virtual town hall.
“Like cities and countries around the world, the District’s response to COVID-19 has been unprecedented, and so too will be the process of reopening,” said Mayor Bowser. “Every resident has a seat at the table and an opportunity to share their perspective, thoughts, and dreams. Our hope isn’t just to simply ReOpenDC, but to be a better DC when we do reopen.”
The ReOpenDC Virtual Town Hall will provide an opportunity for District residents to learn about the work of ReOpenDC and to ask questions of Mayor Bowser and ReOpenDC co-chairs, Ambassador Susan Rice and Secretary Michael Chertoff. The virtual town hall will occur on Wednesday, April 29, 2020, at 5:00 p.m. To register, visit coronavirus.dc.gov/reopendc.
“Our focus will be on harnessing the best ideas from residents and experts across the public and private sectors to plan the re-opening of the District,” said Ambassador Rice. “Only through active and ongoing engagement with our neighbors will we be able to form a plan for reopening that aligns with public expectations while emphasizing the need to improve the quality-of-life of all District residents.”
The ReOpenDC survey, which can also be accessed on coronavirus.dc.gov/reopendc, asks residents to share their feedback regarding reopening, as well as any big ideas, concerns, or feedback about reopening.
“As Mayor Bowser has said, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not just reopen our city but to build a more equitable DC,” said Secretary Chertoff. “By working with the community, we will help the Mayor develop a safe and sustainable approach to reopen the District and get our local economy up and running, and working for everyone.”
Mayor Bowser assembled the ReOpenDC Advisory Group to evaluate community feedback, synthesize expert health and medical feedback, evaluate national and global best practices, and make sector specific recommendations regarding plans for reopening after the District’s unprecedented response to COVID-19. The ReOpenDC Advisory Committee, co-chaired by Ambassador Rice and Secretary Chertoff, will envision and plan for a sustainable reopening of Washington, DC through community driven guidance, and in accordance with DC Values and health principles recommended by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
For more information about the District’s COVID-19 response, visit coronavirus.dc.gov/reopendc.
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Weed Killers

A big thank you to Don and Elizabeth who answerd the call this week to pull weeds from our neighborhood park. Getting ahead of the weeds in the Spring will enable to garden to thrive during the Summer.

Persistent Effort

A Job Well Done

Feel free to drop by and add your contribution of labor to the effort.

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Spring Bloom


Flowers are blooming at the neighborhood triangle park, 12th/Michigan/Shepherd Streets.  Most evident are the lilies. Perhaps you have noticed while taking some fresh air during a walk.

Flower Bed

The planned Spring cleanup and mulching of the park did not occur this weekend for obvious reasons. However, some neighbors have stopped by indiviudally to weed and pick up the trash.  Thank you to all who have made the effort which is quite evident.

Please feel free to stop by and pull some weeds. The Spring time is important to get ahead of the weeds or they will quickly overrun the flower bed.


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District Coronavirus Updates

Below are today’s updates from Councilmember McDuffie on the District’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. For the latest and most comprehensive information always visit http://coronavirus.dc.gov.


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DC Mayor’s Guidance on Social Distancing

Mayor’s Guidance on Grocery Stores and Masks

The Mayor issued an order on social distancing protocols at indoor retail food sellers, like grocery stores and convenience stores. Among the provisions, retail food sellers will have to post signs at each entrance instructing all customers to wear a mask or mouth covering. (Check the CDC for helpful information on making or fashioning your own mask at home) Further, the order asks that stores create one-way aisles where possible and limit the number of people who can be in the store at one time. Stores must also provide adequate hand sanitizers or disinfecting wipes at all entry and exit ways and throughout the store. By April 20, 2020, stores generally serving more than 50 people in a day must install plexiglass or plastic dividers between customers and employees.

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MPCA Minutes 04 FEB 2020

Michigan Park Citizens Association
04 February 2020
Turkey Thicket Recreational Center
     The meeting began at 6:30 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.  The minutes were approved.
     Ms. Oqo Aqwai, representative from Councilmember McDuffie, encouraged neighborhood particiaption in the budget process through the councilmember’s office by completing a survey distributed and collected during the meeting.
     Ms. Donice Adams, 4D outreach specialist for the U.S. Attorney’s office, passed out this month’s court report listing charges and highlighting select convictions. This report can be requested by neightbors by faxing in the completed form, Sign-Up for the Court Report. The report is available monthly. The sign-up sheet must be signed and faxed to the U.S. Attorney’s Office to reeive the monthly court report.  A complete list of outreach specialists from the U.S. Attorney’s office is below.

Court Report Sign-up

     President Ralph Bucksell proposed approval of $1,000 from the general fund to make partial payment toward purchase and installation of a water spigot and backflow preventer. The motion was moved by Paul Wood and approved. This money is in addtional to the $500 previsouly donated by ANC 5B John Feeley.
     President Ralph Bucksell proposed approval of $200 from the general fund to the Saint Anthony’s Boy Scouts.  The motion was moved by Joan Thiel and passed. The Boyscouts have committed themselves to helping MPCA during our Spring Cleanup of the triangle park, scheduled for Saturday, 18 April.
     In response to a question about the vacant ground level reatail space in the recent Fort Totten development, President Bucksell noted two factors.  Significantly higher real estate taxes and the opening of a the nearby Wallmart (Riggs and South Dakota Avenues) have depressed business prospects at those locations.
     Ralph presented graphics of traffic problems around 10th Street and Michigan Avenue near the metrorail and bus stop.  He solicited member input for his dicussions with Councilmember McDuffie, who sits on the D.C. Transportation Committee.
     Ogo Aqwai, Mr. McDuffie’s representative to Michigan Park Citizens Association, sent a electronic copy of Mr. McDufie’s survey to obtain Ward 5 residences input and comments on his proposed budget for 2021.  The form does not provide any space for other input.  You can send your comments directly to Mr. McDuffie’s office.  The form is posted on our web page.
     The meeting adjourned at 7:50pm.


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MPCA Minutes 03 DEC 2019

Michigan Park Citizens Association Meeting
December 3rd, 2019
Turkey Thicket Recreational Center

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. The treasurer’s report was read.

Following the brief meeting, members retreated to the home of Bill and Anne Gribbon for the Christmas Potluck. See the following notes.

DC Government Officials Reports/Comments
1. McDuffie’s request for input on Budget Priorities -See below
2. Comprehensive Plan Comments: John Feeley has returned as our ANC – Meeting with North Michigan Park Civic Association – Problems with Walmart, subsidize housing, middle income locked out, issue with going up for housing—-expense, raising taxes on small business and lack of local store and loss of traditional businesses; school problems (what DC government is creating with lack of raised expectation for students)

Every year, MPCA donates Christmas gifts to a needy family whose children attenbd Bunker Hill School.  The family is identified by the Principal and is organized by Roxanne Carter who described the purchased gifts pictured below.

Christmas Gifts 2019


Traffic Issue and Survey – See below regarding:
1. Michigan Avenue & 10th Street; Michigan Avenue & 9th Street & Otis Street; Michigan Avenue & Perry Street; Michigan Avenue & 13th Street.
2. Truck Routing Map Update & Coordination with North Michigan Park Citizens Association; Brookland Civic Association; and Queen Chapel Civic Association.

McDuffie’s Budget Input Form Summery:

Affordable Housing: Increase emergency rental; assistance and vouchers; create new affordable housing for low income residents, -family of 4; increase workforce housing for moderate income -family of 4; Expand Safe at Home programs for seniors; preserve existing affordable housing stock; Produce new affordable housing units across DC

Open Space/Recreation/Arts:  Increase senior recreation programming; expand the roving leaders program; create new recreation centers/parks; support extended hours at recreation centers; increase are education projects; support recreation in Ivy City.

Economic Development:  Help residents to negotiate community Benefits Agreements; Support small and minority business creation retention, and growth;  Certified Business Enterprise program support (compliance and access to capital); Support development that brings amenities such as grocery stores, recreation, and restaurants.

Environment: Increase access to energy-efficient home improvements for low income residents and seniors; close the W Street trash transfer station; provide clean rivers impervious area change relief for seniors and impacted institutions; expedite implementation of curbside composting.

Equity, Inclusion, & Culture:  Implement a racial equity assessment tool across DC government; establish a commission to review names of potential offensive moments, streets, and schools in DC: build statues featuring people that reflect the diversity of Washington DC; encourage diversification in the asset management industry through reporting; preserve and promote go-go, DC home grown music genre.

Healthcare:  Support and grown existing Ward 5 prenatal/maternal health centers; increase options for pregnant mothers to combat maternal mortality; increase access to senior healthcare services; create a hospital to service northeast and southeast DC; expand in-treatment behavioral heath facilities.

Human Services: Provide addiction prevention and rehabilitation for synthetic drugs; support the temporary assistance for needy families program; provide refugees with legal assistance; increase burial assistance; expand mental health services for people experiencing homelessness.

Education:  Behavior heath supports in schools; increase the per pupil funding formal for opportunity schools; increase full-time behavior technicians and school counselors at opportunity schools; support birth-to-three efforts by subsidizing child development centers to increase access and quality.

Labor & Workforce:  Expand access to building trades & technical training; create programs that support career development; Increase capacity of DC infrastructure academy; Expand offerings through UDC Community College Division of Workforce Development & lifelong Learning.

Infrastructure & Transportation: Increase sidewalk repairs; Increase road improvements; support Lincoln Connector Trail (pedestrian and bike); Increase traffic enforcement & Safety; Expand NY Avenue Pedestrian and bike infrastructure; Create a circulator route on NY Avenue; Support Bus rapid Transit

PublicSafety: Provide behavioral health supports for violence impacted residents at recreation centers; Increase violence prevention and violence interruption efforts using the NEAR Act’s public health-based approach; Expedite installation of police cameras; increase access for grief counseling; support domestic violence prevention.

Nothing further to report.

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DC Budget Survey

Councilmember McDuffie is soliciting feedback from Ward 5 residents on their budget priorities. The city is now begining its budget development for next year. Please use the link below to provide your input.
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Tuesday, 4 FEB Meeting

Please join neighbors and members of MPCA for our monthly meeting:

WHEN: Tuesday, 4 February, 6:30 PM
WHERE: Turkey Thicket Rcreatational Center
WHAT: To review and discuss neighborhood priorities for Councilmember McDuffie and ongoing traffic concerns.

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