December 3 Meeting and Christmas Potluck

A very short MPCA meeting will held on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at Turkey Thicket Recreation Center starting at 06:30, followed by a potluck at the Gribbin’s residence, 3800 13th Street.

A short half an hour meeting will be held at the Turkey Thicket Recreation center starting at 6:30 PM.  The meeting will discuss the Traffic Survey that has been developed to share with neighbors throughout our membership area.  After discussing the survey and reviewing the prior meeting minutes have been reviewed, members will travel to the annual holiday potluck at the Gribbin’s home (5 blocks away) on the corner of 13th and Perry Streets (3800 13th Street).

At the potluck, we will first receive a report from the Treasurer, the status of the Christmas project with Bunker Hill School, and volunteers will be requested to select a slate of officers to the 2020-2021 membership year.  Representatives from Mr. McDuffy and the Mayor’s office will inform us of updates.  Members will also be asked to fill out a questionnaire asking for the preferred dates for the Spring park cleanup and ways to keep neighbors informed of MPCA activities.


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MPCA Minutes 2 OCT 2019

Michigan Park Citizens Association
2 October 2019
Turkey Thicket Recreational Center

The meeting began at 6:51 with the Pledge of Allegiance.

President Ralph Bucksell welcomed everyone back after the summer break, the last meeting having been in May, and announced the election results for 2019-2020.

President: Ralph Bucksell, 1st Vice President Roxanne Carter, 2nd Vice President Joan Theil, Secretary Paul Wood, Treasury Beulah Sutherland, Sergeant-at-Arms Katherine Sutherland, Members-at-Large, Ann Gribbin, Don Looney, Karen Bernola, and Lavinia Wohlfarth.

Providence Urgent Care Center.  President Bucksell talked about the recent transition of Providence Hospital to an urgent care center with the outpatient services remaining open.  He also noted the number one expressed wish of residents for the facility is a gymnasium.

TRIANGLE PARK (Michigan Avenue/12th Street, Shepherd St NE).  Don and Elizabeth Looney had trimmed the bushes back in the summer. Paul Wood after some effort ensure the cuttings were picked up by DPW. The weeds were getting out of hand around the bus stop and Ingrid Wood stopped by a few times to weed.  Ralph and Ingrid picked up a donation of plants from DPR for Fall planting.  Members agreed to a work morning on Saturday, 26 October.  Ralph will coordinate for support from a youth group. Focus of the morning will be weeding and planting.

TRAFFIC.  Mr. David Conrad noted the police do not record all accidents, only those with injuries.  As a result, a recent traffic study done by DDOT on his street of Upshur likely downplayed the true dangers of speeding by motorists.  President Bucksell stated he would ask the District Captain about the accident data. Ralph noted his long list of traffic issues.  Ms. Ogochukwu Aqwai, representative for Councilmember McDuffie, stated that the beginning of the budget year was the best time for the Councilmember to question DDOT, or any agency, about issues, as they had to testify in support of next year’s budget.

DISTRICT SMALL BUSINESSES.  Neighbors questioned the City’s support of small business with rising property tases. Ms. Aqwai noted two initiatives of Councilmember McDuffie to support small businesses – the Protecting Local Area Commercial Enterprises of 2019 and The Independent Compliance Office Establishment Act of 2019. 

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Great Flower Bulb Giveaway

The Greater Brookland Garden Club (GBGC) Announcement: Bulb Giveaway – Nov. 16
Find us at the Farmers Market on Nov. 16 and take home some bulbs!
When: Saturday, Nov. 16, 10 a.m. to noon
Where: Monroe Street Market Farmers Market
What: To magnify Brookland’s spring beauty, we’re excited to give away hundreds of tulip, daffodil and blue bell bulbs that day for FREE. 
We invite you to take a dozen or so and plant them in front of your home where people can see them. Please come get some and spread the word with neighbors!
These bulbs should naturalize and come back year after year with proper care. We’ll give you some tips for planting and caring for them too.
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5A03 Meeting with DDOT

5A03 Commissioner Emily Lucio will host the meeting with DDOT to discuss our traffic issues, Wednesday, 7pm, at the Faith United Church of Christ on South Dakota Avenue NE.   Commissioner Lucio has actively coordinated with many local neighborhood organizations, to include Michigan Park Citizens Association, on traffic concerns.

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MPCA Meeting 5 NOV

Please join us during the November meeting of the Michigan Park Citizens Association. We will be reviewing the recent garden work, coming Christmas party and various neighborhood issues.

WHEN:  Tuesday, NOV 5, 06:30 pm
WHERE: Turkey Thicket Recreational Center

Look forward to seeing you there.


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Park Planting 26 OCT

Please join us for our Fall planting of a selection of plants provided by DPR at the neighborhood triangle park, Michigan Avenue/12th Street/Shepherd on Saturday morning, 26 October, 9am. We have some weeding to do as well.

WHEN: Saturday, 26 October
TIME: 9-11 am
WHERE: Triangle Park (Michigan/12th/Shepherd)
ACTIVITY: Weeding and Planting of Fall Plants

P. Wood


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High Intensity Kelvin Lights

Hight intensity LED (light-emitting diode) streetlights, harsh on the eyes and likely detrimental to animal life, continue to be installed by DDOT.  These LET lights emit an unnaturally high percentage of blue-wavelength light of 4,000 Kelvins.  The American Medical Association (AMA) has warned that the blue-rich LED lights are are potentially harmful to human health because of their impact on circadian sleep cycles.  This is especially uncomfortable for those residents who prefer to sleep with their windows open and shades up during the cooler days. The AMA has also warned that blue-rich LED lights produce more glare than conventional lighting, creating a road hazard. The lights have been reported by residents to cause a burning sensation in one’s eyes.

Kelvin Street Light

The LET lights are being installed by the city for their low cost and long life. However, the same benefit can be accrued by installing warm-white LED lights that are 3,000 Kelvin or less, of far less blue-rich intensity.  AMA recommends that outdoor lighting use “the lowest emission of blue light possible.”  This can be achieved with warm-white LED lights that are 3,000 Kelvin or less.

In May 2017, MPCA took a position in favor of the D.C. Department of Transportation adopt warm-white 2,700 Kelvin LED lights for all streetlight installations in the District.  At the time, the District had installed 71,000 streetlights with LED lighting.

Ms. Delores Bushong and Sharon Turner helped form The Street Light Task Force in December 2016 to inform residents in DC of the harmful health impacts of blue-rich LED street lights that DDOT is installing on our neighborhoods. The presenters stated that DDOT does not believe AMA’s proposal. The Street Light Task Force is seeking a moratorium on the installation of high Kelvin lights by DDOT and that our City Council required DDOT to use only warm-white 2700 Kelvin LED lights to retrofit those already installed.  A copy of the proposal with organizer’s contact information is attached.

LED Street Lights


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Accident 1200 Michigan Avenue NE

Vehicle Accident 2019 09 28

Michigan Avenue NE closed with power line down, 1200 Block Michigan Avenue NE, 28 January 2019. Telephone pole in nearby alley down, one vehicle with visible damage, picture, 11:30 a.m. See visible damage top of truck.

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MPCA Meeting 1 OCT 2019

Neighbors and Member of Michigan Park Citizens Association,
Please join President Ralph Bucksell after a long summer break to discuss issues and planning for our neighborhood. Much will be focused on the triangle park.
1.  The status of the funding for completing the installation of the faucet in the triangle park at Michigan Avenue, Shepherd and 12th Streets NE, promised during our April meeting by Mr. Ely S. Ross, Chief of Staff, DPR. 
2.  Pick up of clippings from the triangle park for the Mayor’s Representative. More than a month ago, 22 July 2019, we put in a request (Ticket 1900792753) to DPW to remove the branches that our members cut down around the triangle park (above). After multiple outreaches to DPW and the Mayor’s Community Outreach Specialists, the cuttings were picked up only yesterday, 26 September. As a renewed Park Partnership signatory with DPR, how can we ensure we receive the necessary support to maintain our park?
3. Other issues of concern. Please visit and catch up with your neighbors.
Paul Wood
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Michigan Park History Page

One of the most asked questions is, “What are the boundaries of Michigan Park and the Michigan Park Citizens Association?”  The answer reflects the growth of the neighborhood since 1917.  Much of the nuance is captured in our MPCA article of 9/18/2016, “What’s in the Name of Michigan Park?” under the history section of this website, republished here. For this and other articles, please click on “History” on the banner.

What’s in the Name of Michigan Park

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