Howard University Development

Please see the attached presentation by the Urban Land Institute for the Howard University School of Divinity, at 14th and Taylor Streets NE. Please see SLIDE #46 for the Conceptual Site Plan of the proposed development on what is referred to as the Howard East Campus.


The presentation was distributed in anticipation of the next ANC 5B meeting on Wednesday, October 26 at 6:30 PM hosted at HSC Pediatric Center, 1731 Bunker Hill Road NE. The ULI presentation covers:

Introduction and Overview Context
Market Conditions
Value Creation
Implementation Approach
Development Strategies
Site Design
Community Engagement

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Minutes September 2016

Michigan Park Citizens Association
6 September 2016
Ross Auditorium, Providence Hospital

President David Conrad opened the meeting at 7:08 p.m.

Treasurer Beulah Sutherland read the treasurer’s report.  Beulah highlighted the increase in membership and dues payments over the summer resulting from outreach efforts.

Opportunities for Cooperation with Neighboring Associations. President Conrad noted that that boundaries of several neighborhood civic associations overlap with that of the Michigan Park Citizens Association: North Michigan Park, Brookland, Queens Chapel and Woodridge. MPCA shares common area of concerns with these civic associations on several neighborhood issues. Members from North Michigan Park have attended our meetings addressing development along South Dakota Avenue. One example of common concern is the planned development of Howard University Divinity School, which may also impact Brookland, Queens Chapel and Woodridge. A recent example of cooperation was the joint meeting with Queens Chapel Civic Association hosting Police Chief Cathy Lanier.

Membership Recruitment. Discussion followed on neighborhood outreach by MPCA.  Mr. Conrad passed out a leaflet drafted by Secretary Paul Wood for hand delivery throughout the neighborhood. The leaflet solicited membership payments and noted MPCA’s website and the neighborhood listserv.  Members discussed including a self-addressed, stamped envelope to improve the number of responses.  Mr. Ralph Bucksell noted that he included self-addressed, stamped envelopes with the leaflets he distributed. Members also discussed the neighborhood boundaries. Mr. Ralph Bucksell related that the city has changed his listed neighborhood on its property records.  Real estate boundaries are fluid and not reliable.  Mr. Conrad noted that an erroneous ABC map was copied into DC Planning documents. Kathleen Sutherland volunteered to edit the leaflet to incorporate suggestions from Ralph Bucksell and Roxanne Carter.

Web-site Development and On-line Pay Portal. President Conrad raised the possibility of adding an option on the MPCA website to enable electronic payments. Paypal is preferred as an on-line payment option.  Roxanne Carter moved to accept an electronic means of payment for regular membership dues of $10 plus $1 administrative fee.

Members discussed that donations are also received for the garden fund and the Christmas fund supporting a needy family. Terri Sally moved to allow donations via electronic means of payment without an administrative fee. Motion was carried.

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners (ANC).  Mr. Conrad noted that the association’s boundaries include the boundaries of five Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners (ANC) areas. With the coming November elections, members discussed inviting the ANC candidates to introduce themselves during the October’s membership meeting.  It was moved to invite the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners (ANC) candidates running for election to the five open seats: 5A02, 5A03, 5B01, 5B02 and 5B05. Motion was passed.

EYA Planned Urban Development (PUD).  EYA, developers for the grounds of Saint Joseph Seminary, submitted a PUD on 9 August. Those residents who reside within 200 feet of the Saint Joseph Seminary property will receive notification of the public hearing. Mr. Conrad requested that he be informed by those residents and members of MPCA when they receive a notice. The newly revised zoning regulations became effective on the day of this meeting, Tuesday, 6 September. MPCA must apply for standing to testify at the public hearing. At the time of application, the applicant must state position for or against the development.  Concerns were expressed over the impact of possible parking from the development on 12th Street on the emergency vehicles approaching Providence Hospital. Kathleen Sutherland moved to begin the application process for standing before the D.C. Board of Zoning.  Motion was passed.

Department of Transportation (DDOT).  Members discussed inviting representatives from DDOT to a meeting along with EYA to address traffic concerns arising from the planned development. President Conrad also stated his intention to form a working group among interested neighbors on this matter.

Councilmember McDuffies’ Deputy Chief of Staff, Demetris Cheatham, was in attendance and stated that she could assist MPCA when reaching out to D.C. Government Agencies.

The meeting concluded at 08:55 p.m.

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What’s in the Name of Michigan Park

What’s in the Name of Michigan Park

Searches on internet based maps often result in conflicting information about neighborhood boundaries.  A recent search in the ADC map book, referencing dates from 2002,  Alexandria Drafting Co ( shows the neighborhoods of Michigan Park and North Michigan Park reversed, with Michigan Park located North of North Michigan Park.  This error was duplicated in a D.C. Office of Planning presentation, which was recognized by a Michigan Park resident and architect.  Another search on DC Atlas Plus ( depicted North Michigan Park to the East of Michigan Park.  The writer’s own smart phone regularly defaults to either University Heights or Woodridge.

The city’s administrative boundaries are made without regard to the neighborhoods.  Michigan Park is divided among three police service areas (PSAs), 405, 503 and 504, from two Metropolitan Police Districts (MPD), 4th District and 5th District.  Five Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners (ANC) represent areas of Michigan Park – 5A02, 5A03, 5B01, 5B02, and 5B05.  The ANC, like the policy districts, are also divided between two larger administrative boundaries, 4th and 5th Voting Districts.

In the summer of 2002, under the leadership of the Anthony A. Williams Administration, the Office of Planning developed a service concept focused on the individual neighborhoods called the Neighborhood Cluster.  Thirty-nine Neighborhood Cluster were identified within the District of Columbia in coordination with the neighborhood associations to provide a combined action plan for public safety, recreation and parks, and schools.  Michigan Park was identified with Neighborhood Cluster 20 along with North Michigan Park and University Heights.  Four neighborhood associations were involved – Michigan Park Citizens Association, North Michigan Park Civic Association, Lamond-Riggs Citizens Association, and Queens Chapel Civic Association.  Unfortunately, the neighborhood cluster concept did not continue under following Mayoral administrations.

Neighborhood Cluster 20

Neighborhood Cluster 20

Real estate listings can be equally confusing as the advertised subdivision (ADV) reflects marketing strategies and is separate from the listed Legal Subdivision (Legal).

Related to the neighborhood boundaries are the neighborhood associations of which there are two types, the citizens association and civic association, both represented by separate federations, the D.C. Federation of Citizens Associations and the D.C. Federation of Civic Associations. Michigan Park Citizens Association represents Michigan Park and University Heights and is a member of the D.C. Federation of Citizens Associations. Queens Chapel Civic Association, somewhat isolated from Michigan Park East of South Dakota and North of Michigan Park Avenues, amiably separated from Michigan Park Citizens Association in 1965 and is a member of the D.C. Federation of Civic Associations.  Other neighborhood associations adjacent to or overlapping with Michigan Park Citizens Association are civic associations. These are North Michigan Park Civic Association, Woodridge Civic Association and Brookland Civic Association.

In the past, neighboring neighborhood associations have coordinated their boundaries. An example of this was described in an article of the Evening Star when representative of Michigan Park Citizens Association and Lamond Citizens Association (now Lamont-Riggs Citizens Association) met to discuss their boundaries. Since that time, much growth has occurred in the area, and Michigan Park and Lamond-Riggs is now separated by North Michigan Park.



One last note. On September 16, 2016, the Washington Post published an article online related to neighborhood areas. Entitled, “North End of Shaw: Will it Stick like NoMa or Flop like SoMo?” by Perry Stein, it described the invented, fluid and evolving neighborhood names. see

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MPCA Special Meeting August 2016

Michigan Park Citizens Association
Special Meeting
9 August 2016
Ross Auditorium, Providence Hospital

Members and neighbors of Michigan Park Citizens Association met at a special meeting called by President David Conrad to discuss the development of the property surrounding the Saint Joseph’s Seminary and, generally, the planned developments in the neighborhood. Representatives from the developer for Saint Joseph were in attendance.

Other planned developments within Michigan Park include the property of Howard University Divinity School near the corner of Taylor and 14th Streets and  a parking garage just North of the Brookland/CUA Metro Station. Another proposed development, though not within Michigan Park but which may impact the neighborhood is a planned housing development in North Michigan Park.

President Conrad exhibited maps, included below, to display the boundaries of Michigan Park Citizens Association, the ANC Single Member Districts overlapping with our historic neighborhood, the open vs built up properties and the current zoning.

The traditional boundaries of the Michigan Park Citizens Association are overlapped by the administrative boundaries of four Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners.


The built up of constructed dwellings, facilities and business are depicted in the following graphic along with the remaining open spaces of parks (dark green) and institutional land (light green).

MPCA Figure Ground + prime st small

Lastly is the newly revised zoning. The newly approved DCOZ Zoning Handbook may be found at,


MPCA Zoning w Key

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Minutes June 2016

Michigan Park Citizens Association
7 June 2016
Ross Auditorium, Providence Hospital

The following DRAFT minutes are subject to review and approval during the next regularly scheduled meeting of the association membership.

Outgoing President Paul Wood opened the meeting and led the members in the Pledge of Allegiance. Paul then introduced and yielded the floor to Incoming President David Conrad.

The May meeting minutes were accepted.

Garden Committee. David recapped the efforts of recent years in plantings and maintenance of the triangle park (12th Street, Shepherd Street, & Michigan Avenue NE) by neighbors. These efforts have been hampered by the lack of a water source within the triangle park.  Lack of a water source remains a constraint. There currently exists a water meter installed by the city, but an estimated $3,000 is needed to install a water spigot.  EYA, contractor for the Saint Joseph Seminary development, has offered to pay the cost. David posed the question whether this proposal should be part of an amenities package for the St Joseph’s Seminary development. David noted that the downside of seeking other funding sources is that another planting season may pass before the required funds are raised. David noted other funding sources include a generous donation of $500.00 from the Greater Brookland Garden Club and possibly another $500.00 grant from the ANC 5B05 (Commissioner John Feeley).  Ms. Sherril Stultz suggested seeking funding from other groups, like 12th Street businesses, that do not have vested interest in the development. Ms. Gwendlyn Means noted other civic associations obtain funding from businesses. Consensus to continue seek additional funding sources.

Federation of Citizens Associations.  MCPA Delegate, Ms. Elizabeth McGowan, noted that the DC Housing Authority’s definition of affordable housing is 30% or less of net income.  Programs for affordable housing include the Federal government’s housing choice voucher program (Section 8) and DC’s inclusionary affordable housing (DC Zoning Commission).  Affordable housing remains a priority of Mayor Muriel Bowser.

Saint Joseph’s Seminary. A new notice to those residing within 200’ of the proposed development was sent. It noted that the Planned Urban Development (PUD) plan will be filed within 45 days. Therefore, the PUD will be field 11 July or later. Leadership will plan for a summer meeting to address the proposal once known.

Howard University Divinity School. Howard University has hired the Urban Land Institute (ULI) to study options for the development of the Howard University Divinity School property.  Toward that end, several members and officers of MCPA have been invited for interviews with ULI on June 21, 2016.

Meeting Venue. David asked members whether members found the current meeting place of Ross Auditorium in Providence Hospital convenient or wished to return to the auditorium at Bunker Hill Elementary.  The consensus was that MPCA will continue to meet in Ross Auditorium as coordination with Providence Hospital was easier than with DCPS.

Christmas Party 2016.  David posed the question whether the first Tuesday of December, our regularly membership meeting time, was too early to celebrate Christmas and perhaps the 2nd Tuesday of the month would be preferred. Discussion followed and members unanimously agreed to Tuesday, December 13, 2016.

September meeting.  A September meeting is optional, but MPCA will plan for a meeting so the meeting room is available if needed, especially given the anticipated ongoing development in the neighborhood.

Call Boxes. Ms. Gwendyln Means noted that four (4) call boxes still existed in the neighborhood and could be used for neighborhood art. They are on 14th and Varnum, 13th and Upshur, 12th and Varnum and 10th Street.

The meeting was adjourned by 9pm.

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June 11th Neighborhood Activities

June 11th was a particularly busy day for neighbors in Michigan Park.

HSC Spring Fair

HSC Spring Fair

The Family & Community Health Expo was held by the HSC Pediatric Center (Spring Fair 2016) at the triangle park near their property (Michigan Avenue, Bunker Hill, & 18th Street).  The event was open to all neighbors and included children’s rides as well as representatives from many health care and non-profit organizations. During the event, representatives of MPCA took turns manning an information table.

MPCA Spring Potluck

MPCA Spring Potluck

Following the June Fair, MPCA celebrated its Spring Potluck in the evening breezes. Graciously hosted by Bob and Lori Moller at their residence, the poolside venue provided a cool respite to the day’s sun.  The potluck is one of two held annually, the other being the Christmas celebration.

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May 2016 Minutes

Michigan Park Citizens Association
May 3, 2016
Providence Hospital, Ross Auditorium

President Paul Wood opened meeting on May 3, 2016 at 7:20 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance. Minutes for April meeting were approved with corrections. Treasurer Report for April was reported and submitted by Beulah Sutherland.


Recommendation by President Wood and Don Looney to hand deliver or mail quarterly or semi-annual newsletter digest, as well as continue with the e-mail and listserv announcements.  The association supported the recommendation in an effort to reach out more to more neighbors and MPCA members.

Garden Committee

April Spring Clean-up – President Wood acknowledged the efforts of Don Looney and Elizabeth McGowan for procuring mulch for the Spring clean up. Don and Elizabeth transported mulch to the park for the Spring cleanup.

Federation of Citizens Association

No Federation meeting in April


Bunker Hill Family Fun day was held on April 30, 2016.  Association recruited one new member. President Wood thanked all volunteers (Roxanne Carter, Barbara Henderson, and Terri Sallay).

Spring Potluck – Saturday, June 4, 2016 5:00pm-8:00pm location is at the Mollers house, 1609 Michigan Avenue NE. Further information to be provided.

June Fair at the HSC – Saturday, June 11, 2016 10:00am-4:00pm.  President Wood to confirm MPCA participation.  Volunteers are needed.

Other Business

Association received a thank you letter from Councilmember McDuffie’s in reference to the condolences sent in the passing of his father.

The association sent a letter of support for San Antonio to have outdoor seating and serving of alcohol.  Letter of support was sent to ANC Commissioner Feeley.  Ralph Bucksell reported that the petition for San Antonio to have outdoor seating and serving of alcohol was approved and passed by all ANC’s and the service will start on May 4, 2016.

Update on Howard University Divinity School development – Maybelle Bennett from Howard University updated the Association on the Howard University East Campus Redevelopment (Howard Divinity School).  Ms. Bennett briefed the association were they were in the process and how the community can participate. The Board of Trustees has selected Urban Land Institute (ULI) to conduct a study.  They stated that the University is not in the sell mode, and the Divinity School building will remain.  Development around the school will be open land to include housing.  There will be input from the community in reference to the development, green space, security and safety, and wildlife.  There will be a panel of experts with no vested interest selected between June 12th and June 17th, with the findings to be provided back to the community.  They will also be interviewing community members for their input and knowledge of community and history.  Anyone who would like to volunteer was asked to sign-up, and they would be contracted in reference to interview process and time.

St. Joseph’s Seminary development.  EYA will be submitting a PUD during the month of May 2016.   Terri Sallay mentioned that the Association should clarify that it hasn’t taken a position on the development.  President Paul Wood, related that it has been stated in previous minutes and there is a notice on the website.  Ralph Bucksell reported to the association on behalf of Vinnie Wohlfarth that there was posting on the Brookland Bill board on Newton St. and 12th in reference to the Association voting on a position to the development.  Kathleen Sutherland mentioned that the Association reiterate or restate that the Association has not taken a position on the St. Joseph’s Seminary development.  President Paul Wood will reach out to the relevant ANC Commissioners and Councilmember McDuffie to reiterate that MPCA has not taken a position on the Seminary site development.

Nominating Committee submitted officer slate for MPCA 2016-2017 election as follows:

President – David Conrad
1st. Vice-President – Roxanne Carter
2nd Vice-President – Don Looney
Treasurer – Beulah Sutherland
Secretary – Paul Wood
At-Large Members – Ralph Bucksell,  Anne Gribbins, Barbara Henderson, Terri Sallay
Sergeant-at-Arms – Vacant
Membership Secretary – Vacant

Council Member Kenyan McDuffie –  Diamond Wade from councilmembers McDuffie’s office reported to the Association.  Ms. Wade was to check with the Constituent Services Representative in reference to assistance on the Park at 12th and Shepherd St. N.E. and  request for water spigot.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:28pm

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MPCA Picnic 11 June

Please join neighbors for our Spring Potluck hosted by Bob and Lori Moller, 1609 Michigan Avenue NE, Saturday, June 11th, 5-7pm.  The Moller’s house is on the corner of Michigan and South Dakota, behind the bus stop.  The event is a potluck, so bring a dish of your choosing.  Great opportunity to meet your neighbors outside of our regular business meetings.

RSVP with an email to Please note your choice of dish – appetizer, salad, main dish or dessert.  Drinks and flatware provided.

MPCA Flyer bw


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April 2016 Minutes

Michigan Park Citizens Association
April 5, 2016
Ross Auditorium, Providence Hospital

Meeting began at 7:18pm.
Vice President, Roxanne Carter, led with Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes for the March meeting were read by David Conrad. One correction to the minutes noted was the date of the meeting recently held with Chief Cathy Lanier. The correct meeting date was March 24, 2016. The March meeting minutes were approved.

No Treasurer’s report was provided due to the absence of the treasurer.

Old Business:

  1. EYA development: Don Looney contacted Tai Meah (Senior Legislative Counsel)regarding the redevelopment of the Josephites property. Mr. Looney stated that he believed Ms. Meah was misinformed because she indicated that she thought the ‘deal was done’, however, until the zoning process is complete, the deal is not complete.  Mr. Looney also indicated that ‘word on the street’ is that Mayor Bowser wants the deal completed and that Councilman McDuffie is not willing to publicly oppose the development.
  2. Spigot at park: David Conrad stated that there is possible funding for this project from the Greater Brookland Garden Club. Approximately $2000 is needed to complete the project and we should contact GBGC for assistance. He indicated that Mary Pat Rowan (GBGC) and Jeff Feeley (ANC5B05) may be able to contribute funds to the project. Ralph Bucksell will make a formal request to contribute funds. Per Ralph B, Jeff Feeley has a total of $500 of ‘excess’ funds to contribute. There was also a recommendation from the floor to possibly ask Ursula for funding as well since it benefits both communities. David Conrad will confirm the dollars needed for the project. And he also stated that he has received no response or communications from DPR or McDuffie’s rep (Diamond Wade). The Association should also draft a letter addressed to McDuffie’s office, Vincent Orange and David Grasso.
  3. Joint Meeting with Queens Chapel Civic Association and Chief Cathy Lanier: Roxanne reported that the meeting with Chief Lanier went well and was well attended by both civic associations. School security and recent neighborhood crime were addressed. There is an increased police presence at the schools since the joint meeting.

New Business:

  1. Nominating Committee provided the slate for 2016.
    1. President: David Conrad
1st VP: Roxanne Carter
2nd VP: Don Looney
Secretary/Membership: Paul Wood
Treasurer: Beulah Sutherland
At Large: Barbara Henderson, Anne Gribbins, Ralph Bucksell, 1 open seat
    7. Sergeant at arms: Open
    8. Herald: Open

The Association needs to review the bylaws for any changes to titles and positions such as the joint position of Secretary and Membership chair. The nominating committee will meet before the May general meeting.

  1. Bunker Hill E.S. community fair to be held on April 30th from 1pm to 4pm. One of the counselors at the school (Linda Davis) asked for the association’s participation at the event. The purpose of this event is to inform parents about community organizations and neighborhood groups. It was approved that the association would participate and send volunteers to the event.
  2. Federation Report: Elizabeth McGowan reported that the last meeting was held on March 22nd. Dorothy Brazil was a speaker and indicated concern about the Board of Elections, specifically that the board is in flux and not all members have the credentials to do the work. There is much concern about the upcoming June 14th primary elections and she wanted to alert all civic associations. There is anxiety that DC officials are not prepared with adequate facilities, supplies and resource support for the elections.
  3. EYA property development: Vinnie Wolfarth reported that Paul asked for a taskforce for EYA and that EYA is waiting for comments from neighbors and residents on the development. EYA is submitting its 1st plan to zoning on May 1st. Approximately 95‐110 homes are currently planned. There is an opportunity to request to keep the development to north of Webster Street. Vinnie met with an architectural historian for a DC law firm to show the updated documents. Vinnie is soliciting as many comments as possible on the EYA development and wants to submit comments to the EYA task force before the May 1st zoning meeting. There was a recommendation from the floor that Paul send an email to all association members to request their feedback and comments on the EYA development by April 8th.
  4. San Antonio Grill. The Association had previously voted and approved support for outside liquor services for San Antonio Grill. This was brought to the membership body again and was reaffirmed and approved. Ralph B. will draft a letter of support that will be signed by Paul.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm

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2016 Membership Fees Due

Please forward your 2016 membership due of $10 to the MPCA Treasurer:

Ms. Beulah Sutherland
1300 Allison Street NE
Washington, DC 20017

We realize that not everyone regularly attends the monthly meetings. Contributing your membership fee goes a long way in covering our administrative costs, like this website, as well as our park plantings and support of Bunker Hill Elementary.

Thank you


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